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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pretty Places in Austin & Random Things

It's Saturday night, at 9:30. I'm in my jammies, watching a Lifetime movie with Hayden Paniettiere, and Eric is sleeping on the couch next to me. I'm a very exciting person.

I also filled out forms to go see a dentist, and I'm very excited about it. The dentist sounds very fancy. Eric was making fun of me for being so excited to go to the dentist, but I am.

This movie is scaring me about going to other countries, but it's also makes me want to go to Europe. They have such pretty buildings there. All the buildings here are crap. Well, not all of them. But a lot of them.

I like this place. It's probably my favorite place in all of Austin, MN.

My friend Pete is getting married there this fall, and I'm jealous, because it's such an awesome place to get married. You can't tell from the outside, but they have really pretty starlights and awesome balconies and stuff.  Here's in the inside of the Paramount:

This is the really pretty church/pavillion that my friends Val & Greggor got married in two years ago:

So yep. Those are some pretty places that my friends got/are getting married in Austin, Minnesota.

Also,  I did an interview with a reporter for the London Observer, and the article is out now. You can read it: here. It's about epublishing in the UK. There is one error in the article. It says that I've sold nearly a million copies of Switched. I have sold almost a million books of all my titles together - not just one title.

Oh! And tomorrow, there's the Oscars. But also, Shotime is re-airing Episodes from the beginning. Episodes quickly became one of my favorite shows. It's very funny, and it has people in it from Green Wing. (Side note: Can I get the two series of Green Wing on DVD here in the US? I've only see it available for the UK). And Matt Leblanc is surprisingly wonderful. I really enjoy it.

But tomorrow I will be watching the Oscars. I'm very excited to see what Franco comes up with. I just feel like everything that happens will be tweetable and youtube-worthy. 


  1. Yay for the Paramount and that old church/pavillion - those are some of my favorite Austin places, too!! A second yay for the Oscars - I am excited for them (mainly for Franco and Hathaway), too! It'd be neat if you and I were hanging out right now, since Matthew is also asleep already (cuz he's sick). I miss you and Eric and Fifi, and I hope the next plans I make to come to Austin don't get ruined by the weather. Meh.

    Oh, and I read that article in the London Observer, and it's super neat! You are the best-selling e-book author in the USA, baby! Woo! Love you!

  2. Aw, I love you too, Petey McPhee, and I too hope that no Bad Spring Storms interview with our future plans to socialize.

  3. The Paramount(?) building in the first picture reminds me a lot of the Fox Theatre in Atlanta. It also has beautiful, flickering stars in the sky and Egyptian-looking bathrooms.

    I enjoyed reading the article about self-publishing. I'm in the process of self-pubbing too. Your story not only inspires me, but it makes me believe there's hope for good writers who can't break into publishing the traditional way. Congratulations on your success!

  4. Hi Amanda!
    I highly recommend traveling to Europe! It's amazing! My favorite city is Edinburgh, Scotland, which is where I got the idea for my book. As far as cool buildings there are tons here in NY and up and down the East coast, Boston, NY, Philly, DC, but nothing ever replaces the town you grew up it. It's special in many ways.
    Looking forward to the Oscars! Not sure who will win, but I do adore Colin Firth, even though I didn't see "The King's Speech" yet! Anyway, it should be interesting!
    All the best!
    L.J. McGowan

  5. Lol! I turned on my computer so I could do things with facebook, and instead of reading this there, I read it from my phone. I don't know what's wrong with me sometimes. Anyway...

    I have NOT read the London Observer article yet, but will very soon. I'm sure it's excellent.

    Also, those places are pretty neat. I didn't know that was where Jenna was getting married. Unless you know another female Pete. That's exciting and a great choice! It already comes with seats! Go Jenna with your good decisions! Also, if it makes you feel better, Gregg and I will travel Europe with you. But you have to wait til I'm rich...or at least until I have a steady job. Should be soon enough...

  6. I know what you mean about traveling to Europe for the buildings. The blend of architecture from "old" world to "new" is something I'd love to see myself.

    We don't have a lot of large buildings (or even interesting ones) around here, unless you drive into Dallas or Fort Worth, but I *love* the courthouse in Waxahachie. (If you've ever seen Places in the Heart, you've seen it.) It's such an interesting structure -- looks like it's made out of sandstone.

    There's an awesome spiral ceilinged church in Dallas, too, where the stained glass swirls up toward the apex of the roof. It's amazing from the inside, even in pictures.

  7. I love the dentist... Ok well I am a dental hygienist. I have wondered what it would be like to be a vamp's hygienist.. They may not get infections, but I am sure they get gunk in thier teeth. LOL Oh the life stories I would hear from my patients. Huh maybe I should write a book. Ha.. the only people who might read it would probably be other hygienists. Love your stories! ;-)

  8. Random side note, there is a book series that was started by a guy after he went to the Dentist. At least I am pretty sure its the dentist. It's called the Uglies series. Quite good! I too also love the dentist and in fact need to book an appointment. I think you have motivated me to do so! :) Also, I am re-reading the Trylle trilogy, and making a bunch of my friends read it at the same time.

  9. Amanda,

    Every place I looked, The Green Wing is only available in Region 2 (PAL/Euro) DVD format. However... good news... this is almost as good:

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  11. Amanda try New Orleans for interesting buildings some day if you haven't already. I'm enjoying book #2 of your Trylle series! Good luck at the dentist. A pretty smile is soooo worth it!

  12. oh the dentist is my best friend whom I hate. have fun!

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  14. Hello Amanda! I just wanted to say hello and tell you that I heard your story. I also watched a video on YouTube about you. Very impressive. You have a gift girl! Good luck to you! Dave