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Monday, February 21, 2011

Some Random Things...

The latest word on the street is that Joseph Gordon-Levitt will play the Holiday Killer in the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises.

Eric told me this on Friday, and I was so excited when I found out that I literally tripped on the stairs while running up to get my copy of The Long Halloween by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. I grabbed it to show Eric pictures of the Holiday Killer, but of course, he didn't care, and just wanted me to show him illustrations of the Riddler.

But still. I'm very, very, very excited.

In more exciting news:

If you're a follower of my blog, you may have noticed my frequent mentions of Eric (the above Eric obsessed with the Riddler). He's my roommate, platonic life mate, and life guru. Starting Tuesday next week, he will also be my assistant.

This is especially cool for us because his goal in life has been to be a personal assistant. In fact, we've been good friends for like ten years or something, and throughout the duration of our friendship, our mutual goals have been for me to a published author and for him to be my assistant. 

This will be exciting for people who enjoy things I do because Eric will be keeping more organized and helping me do stuff, so I should be better about answering emails. He's also going to be taking over the PayPal stuff, so I think I'm going to expand on that also. I don't know exactly what that will entail, but I'm sure we'll come up with something.

Also, check out how adorable my cat is:

The cute one sleeping is Squeak. The big fluffy butt is Nikki Fris.


  1. Hehe ... cute kitties. :) And *SQUEAL* for Joseph Gordon-Levitt - can't wait!

  2. OMG, I love your cat! We have three. I'm a sucker for cats. :)

  3. Your cat is a dollbaby! Very cool to have a personal assistant. I was going to give the job to my Jack Russell terrier, but when I mentioned it, she just looked at me in a strange way and licked herself.

  4. once upon a time, I wanted to be a personal assistant. That's great for the both of you. He knows you well, so he'll be able to help you better than anyone else could!

  5. We have three cats now, but the third one is going to live with my mom because we have one cat too many. And we have Schnaauzer. I say "we" but they're really all mine. If I didn't have a roommate keeping me in check, I'd probably be an animal hoarder.

  6. How perfect to have someone you're in sync with to be your assistant and take care of all the important details so you can maximize your writing time.

    Oh, and your cat is adorable (as is the fluffy cat butt).

  7. Kittehs!!! Squeak sleeps like a lolcat! How cute....

  8. Your cat looks like my cat, Princess Buttercup! LOL I adopted her from Last Hope! She's awesome!
    LJ McGowan

  9. I have lots of cats...hehe keeps me in check.

  10. Amanda! I am in awe of your writing! I just finished Wisdom, and actually feel like my right arm is missing since I can't start reading the next book right away! I know that everyone tells you this and everyone wants to know when they next book in the My Blood Approves series is coming out, but I am just obsessed! I am so thankful for my Kindle because I feel without it I would never have found your work! I love Alice, I love the whole family, I am not pro Jack or pro Peter, although I like both of them for different reasons. I have to tell you however it ends up I JUST WANT TO KNOW NOW!! :) ANyway I love your cat, love your writing and I just wanted to say HEY!!!

  11. Congrats to Eric - it's lovely that you're making someone else's dream come true, and great you have a helper. You sound like you need one now that things are accelerating in the author dept.
    And yes, your cat is very, very cute!

  12. Stoked for JG-L. The Long Halloween is one of the best. And I hear you on the animal hoarding. We have a dog, 2 cats, and 3 ferrets, and that's down from our original 8 animals :-P

  13. Amanda, congrats on hiring Eric as your assistant! Eric, congrats on getting hired. lol

    And the kitty is just too cute. I don't have a cat as my hubby is allergic to them (and doesn't like cats), but we do have a fluffy Pomeranian princess named Chai. Her full name is Venti Chai Tea Latte with Two Shots of Cinnamon Dolce.

    Um...ok, her official name is Chai-Chan. :-)

    Take care and all the best in success.

    Cheryl Kaye Tardif,
    bestselling author of Divine Intervention, a psychic suspense

  14. Squeak is adorable, but I miss Fris!!! Also - finally, Eric. Get to work!

  15. I have a different theory about Josh Gordon-Levitt.

    I think that a lot of rumors have been coming and going. Two major villains that we know of who are locked for the movie are Bane and Catwoman. There were rumors of Riddler, possibly Guhl's Daughter, and a possible Hugo Strange played by Robin Williams. While some of them are wild and somewhat interesting, I feel there is a certain lack of attention surrounding Levitt.

    Which brings me to my theory. What if, for the Dark Knight Rises, they plan on bringing the joker back? When you just take a step back from it all, it could happen. They may do a small scene at the beginning where Batman visits Arkham Asylum to check up on Joker and he has a little cameo. I think Levitt would be playing him. When you compare him and Ledger, they look as if they could have been brothers. All you would have to do is have him grow out his hair and smear the red, black and white makeup on him. It could happen. What do you think?

    P.S. cute cat. I have one too. His name's Bandit.

  16. @Rob Interesting theory, but Christopher Nolan, Christian Bale, and Michael Caine have all said that the Joker is not coming back. If Heath Ledger just didn't want to come back, I could see it as possibility, the way they replaced Katie Holmes. But since he died, it almost seems sacrilegious to replace him, and Christopher Nolan has said as much himself.

    The Holiday Killer really fits, though, because Nolan has basically taken The Long Halloween and turned it into a trilogy. He altered a lot of it, of course, but even he has said that he's taken his inspiration of Batman from that.

    Nolan is also talking a lot the characters he's cast aren't necessarily villains. Anne Hathaway is Selena Kyle, but that doesn't mean that Catwoman will definitely show up in the film, and the same goes for Bane.

    Also, the Robin Williams as Hugo Strange is apparently just a rumor at this point.

    But what comes down to is the only things Nolan has said for sure are: Christian Bale & Michael Caine will be reprising their roles, Two-Face will not be returning, the Joker will not be returning, and the movie will not be filmed in 3-D.

  17. Just want to say that I LOVE your my blood approves series.. can't wait for your next book.. read all of your books on my nook in a lil over a week.
    Was also going to mention..massive kitty lover here too... I'm saving up for the 2 I want. One is called a Safari cat. And then a egypyian mauh. Both gorgeous and exspensive. Also raise sugar glider(mini flying squirals) lol...

    Love all your work u are a wonderful writer.

  18. Congrats to you AND Eric for fulfilling your dreams! You two are so lucky to have each other. It sounds like a wonderful relationship. Also, love the kitties! So cute!

  19. Love your pussy cat and the butt lol!!. I've only ever had cats until my babies who were 14 yrs old+ , went to kittie heaven last year. Now we have Marley , my big goober of a baby Black labrador. He's only so far chewed through airbag cable under front seat, eaten a corner of Personal Demons book ( refer blog for pics), eaten , torn to pieces my hedge, eaten a broom, eaten my leopard look gum boots ( needed them when QLD had all that rain)...and soo much more. Pussy cats are definantly easier...groan..but my big baby is my big baby. I think the name Marley suits though:)


  20. p.s. How nice to know that both of you are gettign your dream job and with each other..nice:D

  21. Aw, your kitties are so cute. Glad to hear you've got an assistant. Maybe that's what I need.

  22. Okay well I'm gonna die if u don't say something on when the 5th book is comming out uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ps love your writing

  23. Congrats to Eric!

    And I'm so glad to hear the film won't be filmed in 3-D. I get tired of the whole 3-D filming thing and just want to watch a movie without any headgear.

    Josie Wade

  24. Go Eric!

    Your cats are super cute! I wish I could get one, but I have a big smelly huskie dog.